Sistema Tarjeta Mundial 2014

We wanted to thank you for the great work you did for this project has made in time and in due manner. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and I would like to mention the good will and flexibility when making changes on the requirements defined.
Mariano Di Maggio - Software architect

Visa Argentina S.A.

Establishments ABM System (Java - SQL Server - Mainframe)
Lets have a single centralized trading system discharge / facility / terminal, specifically in Web system, making available all the forms that are needed to meet the high complete a new trade VISA System contains different approval workflows and access levels.

Visa Argentina S.A.

Plastics Traceability System (Java - Teradata)
The system allows the Bank to have an application cards Traceability is monitoring by the operator, the states that are plastics, from generation to delivery to the customer or the physical elimination.

Visa Argentina S.A.

Card Recording System (Visual Basic - SQL Server)
Development, implementation and support of solutions for mobile platforms. Web development and adaptation to mobile devices.

HSBC Bank Argentina S.A.

Comprehensive Securities System (Java - DB2)
Perform Front-End Application Integral System of HSBC Securities. System processing all transactions with checks themselves and other banks, deposited or traded on own depository accounts to provide clearing sectors.

Banco Hipotecario

(Windows 2000 - SNA Server)
Datanet - Online Distributed Processing System For Financial Interbanking Switch Installation, configuration and maintenance of OS and SNA Server Production Server, QA and Test for this solution.

Telecentro S.A.

Clasicentro System (PHP - MySQL)
The Clasicentro Management System to control and manage the loading of ads using different types of sales publications and manage each of the items on the Web and TV.

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  • Allows a customer of Visa, custom gift cards for a certain value. Purchasing cards are made from the homebanking. These types of cards are not rechargeable and can only be used to consume the available balance. Expenses are limited to the amount of money placed on the card by the purchaser.


  • Generating information card recorded for different entities, licensees and users. Being able to set the terms of distribution, confirm receipts or delivery notes, and record the logical and physical rendering of emails, minimizing possible manual intervention by users operating the system


  • General management of the participants accounts based rewards program, which offers members the opportunity to acquire awards through accumulated points. Make management of points available for users, managing stock awards and redemption of points for prizes.