Distributor of PAX terminals

in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay
Development applications, support and implementation of
POS systems

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IT developments

IT / systems development.
Computer Consulting Services.
Solutions e-business and e-commerce.

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Certified Quality

Certified software development processes under ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

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Mobile Solutions

Development, implementation and support of solutions for mobile platforms.
Web development and adaptation to mobile devices.

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Search and Selection

Survey of the characteristics of the position and profile.
Search and screening of potential candidates.
Interview, psychological and technical evaluation according to the data released.

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Systems Development

  • Research and Development.
  • Computer Consulting Services.
  • Development of Turnkey Projects.
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Training / Selection

  • Provision of Professional Resources
  • Interview, Profile survey requested
  • Training requirements grounded in real, everyday.
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Digital / Multimedia

  • Online Store / E-commerce
  • WebSite: Institutional, companies, products.
  • Parts web and interactive media.
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Installation / Networking

  • Structured wiring.
  • Installation voice and data networks.
  • Fiber Optics.
  • Security Cameras.
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Companies that work with us

Survey of the characteristics of the position and profile of the applicant, as the search and selection protocol ISO 9001-2008.

Job Offers


We invite you to know the courses we are teaching. They consist of theoretical and practical classes, in which tools are used to accompany the development of these. The aim is to offer useful tools and knowledge applicable to new technologies used in the market to expand your business horizons.

JAVA, the course is an introduction to the development of java applications (standard edition), syntax, data types, and control flow structure, basic classes, etc. See More

SQL structured query language, or sql (for its acronym in english structured query language) is a declarative language for accessing relational databases for specifying various types of operations on these. See More

Cobol / Cics cobol language (acronym for common business-oriented language, language common business oriented) was created in 1959 with the goal of creating a universal programming language that could be used on any computer. See More

Proyect Management, management project management course level general introduction is designed to meet and develop a basic understanding of the discipline of pmi (project management institute) applied to projects of companies operating in Argentina. See More

SCORECARD the balanced scorecard course level general introduction is ready to learn to understand, define and transform business data into useful information for different decision areas in health facilities management. See More